Dartmoor is not just about the landscape, there's a lot more to it than that. It's not just about the ponies, or the tors, the history or the heritage; but that's a good start. It's about getting out there, experiencing new things. This living, breathing, working landscape holds the secret to a past that stretches back over the centuries, and a future that is both sustainable and green. From rare birds and butterflies, Neolithic monuments and ancient woodland, to tradition, folklore and farming on horseback, Dartmoor has it all. Leading the way for the arts, all things organic, a haven for and explorers, you will be walking in some awesome footsteps.

Purple, heather clad moorland, wide open landscapes, rushing rivers and obscure stone tors shape the landscape of Dartmoor. But that is just one small part of a big picture. There are rolling valleys, bogs and wetland, waterfalls and well trodden paths, ancient forests and lonely ruins. Sometimes challenging, sometimes welcoming, but always breathtaking.

We have an abundance of wildlife on Dartmoor: some rare and some common, but all cherished; Dartmoor ponies, cattle, butterflies, birds of prey, otter, grey squirrels and deer live amicably side by side. There are many stories of beasts and large wild cats roaming the moor, but you don't believe in stories, do you? Much as the Loch Ness Monster is to Scotland, these beasts are all part of the myths and legends of Dartmoor.

Fall in love with Dartmoor, not just for the way it looks, but for what it can offer. Enjoy good local Dartmoor food, wander farmers markets, take in an art gallery or pick up something unique in the boutique shops of the moorland towns.

If it's a faster pace of life you're after; a rush of adrenaline, get on your bike and get cycling, run, run, run, hike, yomp, climb. Not enough? Canoe some of the best water in the UK on the River Dart, take in the moor on horseback really challenge yourself.